Tackling climate shift and increasing access to safe, clean and affordable energy.

The world is facing a climate crisis of historic proportions. Atmospheric warming caused by unprecedented carbon emissions is the main culprit.

CO2 emissions

The leading source of CO2 is combustion of fossil fuels for electricity and heat generation.

In 2022, global energy-related CO2 emissions grew by 0.9%, reaching a new high of more than 36.8 billion metric tons.

Rapid replacement of coal and other fossil fuels with low and zero-carbon alternatives is a matter of international urgency.

Prodigy Transportable Nuclear Power Plants (TNPPs) are being developed to address a two-fold urgent demand.

Large-Scale Carbon Reduction

“The transition to clean energy is happening worldwide and it’s unstoppable. It’s not a question of ‘if’, it’s just a matter of ‘how soon’ – and the sooner the better for all of us.”
- Fatih Birol, IEA Executive Director

The damaging effects of climate change are incontrovertible. Extreme heat waves and drought; raging wildfires; violent, unprecedented storms; and rising sea levels; all threaten the planet’s ecological balance and our social and economic infrastructure as we know it. With deleterious climate shift impact only expected to increase, we must take rapid action today to curb carbon emissions on a global scale. 

As part of a historic opportunity, governments and corporations around the world are mobilizing to pursue and implement a singular climate ambition of net-zero emissions by 2050.

Prodigy TNPPs will help to achieve this goal.

Nuclear power generates safe, zero-emissions, low-cost and uninterrupted electricity and heat. Widespread adoption will complement renewables and radically reduce global reliance on fossil fuels.

Large-Scale Energy Security

“Globally, 733 million people still have no access to electricity, and 2.4 billion people still cook using fuels detrimental to their health and the environment. At the current rate of progress, 670 million people will remain without electricity by 2030”

Energy security is fundamental to food production, safe drinking water, healthcare, education, infrastructure, technology, economic productivity, social equity, and improved living standards. By deploying Prodigy’s TNPPs, we will increase global access to clean, affordable and reliable energy, the bedrock of a sustainable future.

Meeting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

UN Sustainable Development Goals - Logo
UN - SD goal number 7UN - SD goal number 9UN - SD goal number 13

In addition to addressing Goal 13, Climate Action, Prodigy TNPPs will tackle:

Goal 7: Expanding access to carbon-free, and lower-cost energy all over the world, including to on-grid and off-grid locations in Developed Countries, Developing Countries, Small Island Developing States, and Least Developed Countries. 

Goal 9: Building resilient clean energy infrastructure and enabling sustainable industrialization practices across major sectors, including mining and transportation.

Prodigy TNPPs are unprecedented clean energy solutions that will supply rapidly deployable carbon-free power to multiple sectors.

Ocean cleanup & recycling


Autonomous (AI) farming & food production

Mining & mineral processing

Off-grid power: residential, industrial, defense

Fossil fuel replacement

Oil & Gas

H2/synthetic fuels

IT & Data centers

(Petro) chemical industries

Emergency power

Water desalination & grid scale clean power