Ready for customization and deployment.

Innovation intersecting mature industries.

Prodigy is merging proven methodologies in nuclear engineering and nuclear civil construction with decades of experience in marine manufacturing and O&M, and transport. Integrating SMRs at an adequate level of technology maturity, and capitalizing on best practices across these industries, result in a Transportable Nuclear Power Plant (TNPP) that is safe, robust, economical and ready for near-term implementation.

Meeting regulatory
requirements by design.

The TNPP provides overlapping systems of support for safety requirements of the SMR selected, as well as for reliable facility logistics, operation, and fuel and waste handling. The decommissioning sequence is part of the TNPP’s architecture. All facility components, nuclear and non-nuclear, including site-based infrastructure, work together as integral systems to demonstrate that regulations are being met, and that nuclear materials will be appropriately safeguarded.

using existing regulatory processes.

Prodigy’s design and deployment approaches are aligned with well understood objectives and practices in the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Safety Framework. Once installed, either marine-based (shoreside) or on land, Prodigy TNPPs have nearly identical characteristics to a traditional nuclear project – commissioning and operations procedures would be equivalent.

The fastest path to a global SMR fleet.

Prodigy TNPPs will extend the reach of SMRs into new and different markets worldwide.

Guided from the onset by energy end-user and nuclear utility/operator requirements, and led by an expert team of engineers, regulators, and environmental protection specialists, Prodigy’s TNPP program focuses maximally on safe nuclear deployment, and readiness for near-term and commercial scale technology offtake.