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Transportable Nuclear Power Plants

Transformational Clean Power Generation

As Global Citizens...

As global citizens, it is our duty to build a sustainable energy future for generations to come; one in which clean energy is the standard, and not the alternative.


Increasing access to nuclear energy generation will achieve precisely this.

Prodigy is pioneering a new paradigm in clean energy deployment by packaging Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) into factory-manufactured, transportable, and relocatable facilities.


Our civil structure technologies are standardized, and can be used to deploy SMRs in a marine environment or on land at a wide range of sites.

Innovation That Meets Existing Nuclear Regulations

Prodigy’s Transportable Nuclear Power Plant (TNPP) design program merges best practices from the nuclear, maritime, and transport industries, while remaining consistent with existing regulations for nuclear safety and security.

Innovation that meets...

Nuclear Deployment Without the Construction Burden

After fabrication, outfitting, and transport to the deployment location, Prodigy TNPPs are secured to site-based infrastructure. The result is a completely self-sufficient nuclear generating facility rapidly commissioned and put into service.

Transportable Options for Off-Grid and Grid-Scale Power Generation

Prodigy’s Microreactor Power Station™ is specially developed for remote applications, and is land and marine deployable. 


Our larger TNPP, the Small Modular Reactor (SMR) Marine Power Station™ is shoreline deployed and can be used to deliver grid-scale power.

Both facilities are customizable by SMR type and power output.

Transportabl Optins

  Prodigy Microreactor Power Station TNPP

Bringing clean and reliable power to remote regions worldwide


Prodigy SMR Marine Power Station TNPP

Grid-scale power with minimal land footprint

Robust, Rapidly-Deployed and Relocatable Nuclear Power Plants at Lower Cost

Prodigy TNPPs are equivalent in safety and security to conventional nuclear plants, but are much lower cost, faster to deliver, and have a smaller footprint with dramatically reduced environmental impact. Our TNPP designs incorporate decommissioning technologies and processes intrinsically from first principles such that removal of the facility from site at end-of-life is more efficient, enabling immediate site recovery and repurposing.

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