Solving the historic challenge of the nuclear energy industry.

As the most power dense clean energy source on the planet, nuclear plays an essential role in a sustainable energy future. But nuclear new builds are often abandoned or cancelled due to uncontrollable cost overruns associated with on-site construction. Making reactors smaller, simpler and more replicable solves only half the problem.

Solving the other half requires innovating nuclear deployment practices.

We bring the entire nuclear plant to site.

Prodigy packages Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) and Microreactors into prefabricated and relocatable power plant structures, standardized to deploy nuclear power safely and securely in various environments. Our Transportable Nuclear Power Plants (TNPPs) simplify the full facility lifecycle, dramatically reducing new build costs and complexity.

By using Prodigy TNPPs, achieving an SMR fleet is no longer a question of “if” but “how soon.”

Nuclear deployment without the construction burden.

After fabrication, outfitting, and transport to the deployment location, Prodigy TNPPs are secured to site-based infrastructure. The result is a completely self-sufficient nuclear generating facility rapidly commissioned and put into service.

Cost competitive nuclear builds

Manufacturing the TNPP in a factory setting, e.g., in a shipyard, and bringing the power plant to site fully-assembled, dramatically reduce capital costs and project delivery schedule when compared to a traditional site-constructed nuclear build. These cost savings translate to more cost competitive energy prices for customers.

Customizable capacity

Customers and utilities can tailor the TNPP by SMR design, i.e., power output and energy type (e.g., for high heat applications), based on end use requirements. Multiple SMR modules can be packaged within the facility to reach target capacity ranging from ~5MWe to ~1GWe.

Minimal environmental impact

Minimum land requirement, and avoidance of significant on-site construction and land clearing reduce burdens on the local environment and biota.

Robust, safe and secure

Prodigy’s TNPP design leverages proven practices used in Oil & Gas to develop the toughest structures on earth, while ensuring qualification to meet existing nuclear safety, security and safeguards requirements. Our facilities’ civil structures prevent the release of radioactive materials, and work with and protect the SMR’s Defence in Depth features against external challenges and threats. Purpose-designed site infrastructure supporting the TNPP adds another ring of safeguards.

Scalable generation

Add more SMR modules over time to meet growing power demand.

Reduced waste

While typical nuclear plants develop an approach for waste management once a specific site is selected, Prodigy incorporates provisions for waste prevention, waste minimization and efficient decommissioning into the TNPP design upfront, providing early evidence to regulators, operators and end-users as to “how” hazardous waste would be mitigated and managed.

Removed from site at end of project life.

After a 60-year lifetime, the TNPP would be removed from site and transported to a qualified facility for centralized decommissioning and recycling, allowing for faster recovery and repurposing of the deployment location.

Prodigy is developing two sizes of TNPPs.

We have active programs with SMR developers to package their reactors into a Prodigy TNPP system.

Our team is engaging with domestic and multinational end-users, sovereign regulators and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) for near-term technology off-take.

2 Prodigy SMR Marine Power Station TNPP

Power Station TNPP Grid-scale power with minimal land footprint

  • Marine structures comprise entire power plant, dramatically reducing concrete footprint
  • Safe nuclear deployment in seismically active and climate volatile regions

2 Prodigy SMR Marine Power Station TNPP

Power Station TNPP Grid-scale power with minimal land footprint

  • Transport facility to any coastal location worldwide
  • Installed at shoreline within a protected harbor

1Prodigy Microreactor Power Station TNPP

Powering remote regions

  • Flexible to transfer onto land at coastal sites for land-based installation
  • Facility can be land transported in modules and site assembled to power even the most hard to access landlocked locations

1Prodigy Microreactor Power Station TNPP

Powering remote regions

  • Marine variant deployed at shoreline within a protected harbour
  • Removable from site and redeployable